Working at Google

Business Class

Working at Google.  Now, as you can guess, what comes out of our mouths is going to be the most important aspect of an interview.  Most of us forget that includes the appearance of our teeth and the scent of our breath.  A friend of mine once described another person by saying, “His breath was kicking like Van Damme and Jet Li.” If the smell of your breath knocks someone out like a UFC Fighter, you will be ineffective in communicating even your greatest qualifications.

Carry mints and gum as often as possible.  Before an appointment, or after sitting through a presentation, we should assume that our breath needs some freshening up.  This courteous act will be appreciated by all.  The most important part of fresh breath is flossing.  As food sits in our mouths it begins to break down.  If left between our teeth over time it will become noticeable, I promise you.  To ensure your words are received like a breath of fresh air, floss at least once a day before bed.  Also, a proper brushing habit will ensure that our teeth are looking their best.  It is important to schedule a cleaning with your dentist every six months to clean off the barnacles that have clung to your pearly whites.  For people that would like to have teeth straightened or worked on, I would highly encourage you to do it as soon as possible.  A smile is a fantastic tool in communication and you will need to be confident in your own for it to work effectively.  Fresh breath is also attained and maintained by a fresh healthy diet, and constant hydration.

What we eat is directly affecting the scent of our breath, so consider eating healthy fresh meals for healthy fresh breath.  A healthy diet affects more than simply our breath.  When our body receives the fresh nutrients it needs it will operate at its highest level.  You can be sure that your brain will function more clearly, providing you the heightened awareness that is needed to showcase your fantastic communication skills.  You will get more done throughout your day as you eliminate the sluggish mid-day feelings.

Vitamins and supplements are more effective now than they have ever been. Still, research will show you what companies provide the best nutrition.  It is important for us to research what types of supplements will be best for our individual situations.  Supplements like Vitamin D3 are very important for people who live in places where the sun is not out constantly, because lack of sunlight can influence our moods and how our bodies function.  Pro-biotics are important for healthy digestion and even a healthy complexion.

Maintaining a healthy complexion is a key element to confidence in my opinion.  Each of us need be sure to wash our faces thoroughly with a good cleanser before bed and when we wake in the morning.  Moisturizing will keep your skin healthy as you age.  While washing or replacing your sheets and pillow cases weekly will keep your face looking like you’ve slept on a cloud.

Exercise is a key factor in enhancing our abilities to think clearly and communicate effectively.  Your brain is cleansed and refreshed when your body is active.  During exercise your heart rate increases, moving blood through your body faster providing nutrients and ridding the body of toxins.  Your brain will be working more quickly as your synapses are cleansed and your neuro-pathways are cleared.  This will ensure that you are able to communicate your thoughts and understand another’s with ease.  Exercise will also calm your nervous system as it rids your body of built up hormones.  You will think more clearly and be emotionally stable with a consistent exercise habit.  Your employer will be thrilled with your calm approach to challenges and your ability to handle conflict in a cool collected manner.  Remember, stability and dependability are important to your prospective employers; show them that you can be their go-to person time and time again.

Be sure to choose a hairstyle that goes along with the wardrobe you are creating.  Your hairstyle should be clean, crisp, and relatable.  Visit a local stylist to find what would be the best for you.  Again, it is important for us to know our audience, because what is accepted in one corporate environment may not be in another.  Be sure that your eyes are easily seen as this is a large part of communication.  When we look our best we showcase that we believe in ourselves.  We feel capable and qualified.  This will communicate to our future employers and clients that we are trustworthy, confident, and sophisticated.

These steps will take time to master and engaging in each of these steps at the same time may be overwhelming.  Take your time and choose one or two of the these steps to begin with and go from there.

Charles Schwab said that people skills are the highest paid skills in business.  He said his smile alone was worth a million dollars.  A great place to begin to understand and develop great people skills is in the book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People!” by Dale Carnegie.  This will help you understand what you are doing that makes others love you and what you can do to help others love themselves.  This is the second most purchased book in history next to the Bible for a reason.  Nearly all great men and women in all walks of life have read this book.  It taught me that to be a great conversationalist, a person simply needs to be a great listener and ask questions.  The number one topic people like to talk about is themselves and their favorite word is their own name.  If you can learn to make people feel great about themselves they will love you for it.  We each can make a major difference in each other’s lives if we make a goal of being the first person to say someone’s name.  If you know someone’s name, say it; it may be the only time they hear it that day or even that week.

I was told by my mentors that the most important work I will do in my life is that which I will not be paid for.  It will be work that I do for other people and often it will cost me money to accomplish.  I challenge you to become the best servant of others that your friends and family have ever known.  Take this principle to your career and you will become the most sought after candidate in your industry.  Each of us can be a catalyst for change; if we resolve to serve others in all areas of our lives, we will change the world.

Respect is perhaps the most misunderstood character trait in business.  Respect is shown through servant-hood which communicates that we value another’s time and convenience so much that we are willing to put it above our own.  We communicate this through our speech and behavior.  I’ve had to learn to eliminate profanity and complaints from my vocabulary.  This is proper etiquette that ensures all people feel respected in conversation.  I aim to provide a positive environment which allows others to focus their attention on matters at hand.  I try to ask, “Is now a good time for us to talk?”  “Can I get you anything?”

In Japan, business is as much about manners as it is about profits.  I’ve learned to remember names, be early to appointments, and be quick to return calls, texts and emails.  I choose to inconvenience myself to serve and show my appreciation for others.  I have become others focused with a servants heart…this has been one of the most rewarding lesson I’ve learned in life.