Technology of the Information Age

By 2033, 44% of Jobs will be automated by robots and software. Oxford University – CLICK HERE for the WhitePaper

 Self-Image and Self-Awareness are each integral components of a healthy life.  Our input, such as what we watch, read, and listen to determines what we think.  What we think determines how we see ourselves, others, and how others see us.  Each of us deserve to be forgiven by our own selves.

Knowing this, Benjamin Franklin would focus on one character weakness, working on it for a full month.  He learned that change is not immediate and requires dedication and love for one’s self.   Thanks to Joe Rogan, Comedian and Martial Artist, I have begun to explore sensory deprivation in isolation tanks.  These sessions place me in a pitch black tank of heavily salted water which is heated to body temperature.  This water allows me to float in space, forgetting about my body along with my other four senses.  Once free from the chaos, my brain can rest and finish any thoughts it had been processing, now without interruptions.  These sessions heighten my awareness of my surroundings, especially my sense of smell.  In order to reset hormone levels, many professionals head to the gym to burn off steam.  Find your reset button and use it often.  When I realize that I am dipping into an emotional slump the first thing I do is reconnect with nature.  By a walking on a beach, hiking in the woods, or my new favorite, golfing, my spirit gets a fresh start.

Then I return to a clean my car and clean my home as a big part of cleansing my mental state is cleansing my personal space.  I feel that when my home and car are in shambles my mental state is the same.  It is easier to breathe and think in a clean space.  I’ve met CEO’s who have shared with me that one of the first things they look at when they consider employing an executive is their car.  If it is not well kept, they can assume the candidate may lack organizational, operational, and strategic skills.  A clean life often means a clean canvas, with which you paint upon, your masterpiece.  Each of us must understand that we control our lives; both the quality and the manner.  Working is a great way to positively enhance both.

Develop a great work ethic and you will develop a great self-image.  No one has ever accomplished anything great by asking, “How little can we do and still accomplish our goal?”  That is because our self-images are directly connected to our work ethic.  This is typically why most first generation millionaires are often more fulfilled with their wealth than those who have inherited wealth.  Success is not the end result, but who we become along the way.  We need to work hard enough to keep doubt out.  While we work toward earning a position, we can work on our people skills while interviewing and expand our networks for future use.  It physically takes more energy to worry than to work.  Choosing to be lazy often leads to the destruction of a positive self-image.  It can be a  vicious circle when low self-esteem discourages us from activities.  When we do work that we believe in and gives us the lifestyle we want, we our self image soars.

Most people do not suffer from a lack of intellect.  They suffer from a lack of confidence and a low self-image.  The most crippling effects of a poor self-image are felt in our interpersonal functions.  It is important to break down this fear little by little, by having conversations with strangers that push our comfort zone.  It is amazing how much information can be shared between two people in a rich conversation.

Most people love an outgoing person who engages them in conversations that are a little out of the ordinary.  Be a bit different, be a breath of fresh air, become the best version of you, free from worry.  Break down any superficial desires or habits that you may have adopted and show the world the real you.  People will admire and respect you for it, especially if you’re a little weird.  The only people who don’t like outgoing people are the ones who are afraid of being themselves.  Even if you’re not outgoing, people can sense and appreciate the effort.  We all must break out of our mundane routines and revitalize our spirits and our lives. When I moved in with a friend to launch our businesses, I was the most uptight person you’d ever have met.  I got overly offended by harmless jokes and I was much too easily embarrassed.  My friend was a master in the art of public awkwardness.  Through much embarrassment, we broke my shell and I learned to truly enjoy new experiences and new people; now, I thrive in new situations.  I watched my friend push the limits with people by treating them as friends and being unafraid to really engage their spirit.  Now, thanks to those experiences I can do the same.

The intricacies of the past are too vast to be put into words.  All we can do is look forward and trust our intuition.  As that seems to be the subconscious compass in life.  Don’t hold back in hopes of being polite, because often times it is more of an insult to leave something that needs to be said, unsaid.  I have found that people really respect direct and honest statements and opinions.  The balancing element on the receiving end is the appreciation of other peoples’ opinions, especially when they differ from our own.