Jetting into the Blue

Perception has a great deal to do with the way people will interact with us and the way we interact with others.  The King’s perception of us must be one that resembles a manner of humble submission in order for him to be the gracious King we need.  Perception is all about the way a person sees a situation.  This is why we started this book with a chapter on appearance.


The initial introduction, or perception, will dictate a person’s view of you from that moment on.  It is vital that we maintain positive perceptions of others in our daily lives.  This will ensure that we are able to have positive attitudes as we interact with strangers, colleagues, and even our closest relationships.

This book is about becoming a well-rounded person in order to become a well rounded employee, executive, and partner, we need  to touch on a point that if not addressed can cause a great deal of harm.

Have you ever had a colleague or acquaintance you didn’t know very well, but you had a perception of them as being friendly, genuine, and pleasant?  Yet a friend you had became frustrated and said something less than pleasant about your colleague.  Now, your perception of your colleague will usually change regardless of whether your friend’s statements were accurate or not.  This is why gossip is so dangerous and can legally be seen in business as slander.

Now, think back, have you ever said something about another person out of frustration or anger?  This statement probably altered the way the person you were speaking with viewed the person you were speaking about.

Now more importantly and even less obvious, these statements have altered the way you now see the person of whom you are speaking.  So if we are talking bad about a friend behind their back, we will feel awkward and fake the next time we see them.

It is important that we learn to bridle our tongue when our emotions heat up.  This is because the power of the spoken word affects our spirits and mentalities far more that most of us realize.