ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Kyler Frisbee

My name is Kyler Frisbee and I am a Senior Recruiter at Google.  I was born in Seoul, South Korea.  At 9 months old I was adopted and from there I was raised in Montana, USA; a place that was once the Wild West…a lawless country.  It was a place that gold prospectors rested, with their guns close by, on their way to the Gold Rush in California.  It is a majestic place known for its mountain grandeur, beautiful lakes, and welcoming people.  It is known as the last best place on Earth aka the Big Sky Country.  My childhood was one that dreams are made of…until I got to middle school and realized that I was part of a shockingly small population of Asians.  I was one of three students who came from Asian descent in my high school.  This was a blessing in disguise, because I learned how to be an independent thinker and a person who was not afraid of what others said about me.  I developed a thick skin and learned that prejudice, discrimination, and even racism are simply symptoms of misunderstandings.  My family has been incredible in their support throughout my youth and early adulthood.  I learned more than I realized…a huge part of that was how to succeed in business.

From as long as I can recall, I’ve looked up to my Dad, a business man, 5 days a week, in his suit and tie.  I can remember thinking a briefcase was the ultimate symbol of success.  It’s funny that deep down all I wanted to become was a business man.  However, in high school I chose a completely opposite route and I got extremely involved in snowboarding.  With my father’s help and my families support I was able to experience incredible opportunities on the snow.  Some of my photos have been used in advertisements by Alaskan Airlines, Patagonia, and my home mountain in Whitefish, MT.  These photos are memories of my incredible childhood and the challenges I overcame in my pursuit of greatness.

Meanwhile my family continued their pursuit of excellence in the business world.  My father opened 3 financial advisory offices in Montana for some of the largest financial institutions in America.  He is also one of the greatest skiers to make a turn and the biggest reason for my success on the snow.  My older brother has been an entrepreneur his entire life, currently Senior Tech VP for a trust company managing over 4 billion dollars in assets.  His wife became a brand specialist for one of America’s oldest companies after she met my brother at Vanderbilt University where they each earned their Graduate Degrees in Business.  My sister formerly worked in the world renowned software and computing company, Microsoft; as a Solutions Manager for their recruiting software.  Her husband worked his way through College after emigrating from Guatemala and has earned several Business Degrees from UW, WSU, and a Certificate of Business Leadership Development from Harvard School of Business. He is currently serving as Chief Financial Officer for a very successful non-profit headquartered in Helena, MT and was the inspiration for this book.  My younger brother has always been extremely technical and gifted in construction.  He currently owns a company providing electricity for some of the most valuable commercial properties in Washington.  I know that he will do great things with his immense amount of integrity and talent.  His influence has been one of the biggest inspirations for me to pursue a productive career.  Saving the best for last, my mother has been the most successful person I know in raising four amazing children.  She taught us compassion and acceptance of others through her great work in family planning and home healthcare.  She and my father adopted me and my younger brother.  They have managed to raise children who absolutely love their parents and enjoy any time they get to spend together.  Our family would not be complete without a single person who I’ve mentioned.

I have been raised with a keen eye for what works in business and professional relationships. Subconsciously I have been programmed for success and I have been given skills and insight that I did not realize I had.  I was 18 years old when I headed to college for no reason at all, unsure of what I could contribute to society.  I was lost and confused and my only hint for the future was my love of business and my love for people.  So from there I began my journey, back to school with no direction at all.  Until one day I went to hear a young man speak who I had met years back. By building an E-commerce business he had become very successful at a young age.  He had just moved to Seattle, WA to deepen his relationships with 3 of the most successful men either of us had ever met, whose annual combined income totaled over 14 million dollars.  He introduced me to his mentors and business partners and they have taken me under their wings.

It was my gut feeling that made me follow suit and after a 16 hour journey to Portland, OR for a Leadership Conference and on to Seattle, WA; I had unknowingly set course for an incredibly journey of enlightenment and adventure signified in making the Puget Sound area my new home.  From that day to now I have spent thousands of hours documenting and recording the advice and wisdom of not only these same multi-millionaires, but dozens of other successful entrepreneurs and corporate executives.  The contents of this book have been in my head for over a decade, but this information is timeless.  What it takes to succeed hasn’t ever changed; it’s just the arena that is always changing.  They’ve taught me what it takes to be successful in business, how to handle finances intelligently, and what other great families look like.  I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that my family, friends, and mentors have provided for me and the wisdom they have each shared.