Business Success

The most attractive attire is a great attitude and the most valuable accessory is a smile.

Now that you’ve impressed your interviewer with your impeccable appearance, the next character trait we’ll examine is attitude.  Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in your skills?  Do you believe that you are qualified?  Do you believe in your worth?  There’s no doubt that the demand for quality employees is high, the question is; are you one of them?  Your worth begins with the way you think.  Do you see yourself as a problem solver, capable of independent thinking, or do you need others to make decisions for you?  Are you accountable, and will you be a student of the leaders in your new company?  Do you have a desire to serve others and make a difference?  Is it your intention to work with others for the betterment of the company?  Or are you looking to be a part of a company so that others can work for you?  The successful people in business are the ones that serve the most people, the most effectively, with the best attitude.  Wealth is a measure of the value  you add to other peoples’ lives.  If you consistently serve and empower others, then money will follow you for life.

The most important part of showcasing your great qualities is that you must genuinely believe that you have them.   Find what is good in everything, including you.  Explore and record all of your great qualities.  Start with your smile, laugh, unique creativity, and your care for others, and move on to all the other wonderful traits you have.  The more worth you find in yourself, the more others will see in you.  If you aren’t happy now, you won’t be happy when you are wealthy.  We must love and respect ourselves before we can love and respect others.  Do whatever you can to build confidence and love for yourself.  Participate in activities that make you feel good about yourself.

Volunteering with others gives us an opportunity to contribute, network and develop new skills.  Volunteering an also get us into a rhythm of working which is noticeable to potential employers.  Taking active classes like cooking or learning a new language can get us out of our comfort zones to meet new people.  This will help each of us to appreciate our capacity for new experiences and keeps us in the rhythm of learning.  Engage in positive experiences that make you appreciate yourself with positive people who add value to you and build you up…and do the same for others.  By taking our eyes off of ourselves, we will begin to understand how significant our impact on other peoples’ lives can be.

There is a saying: input leads to thoughts, thoughts lead to action, action leads to habit, habit leads to character, and character determines whether we live a life of significance.  This means that whatever we put into our brains will manifest in our actions and determine the outcome of our lives.  If you have been inputting negativity into your brain, like I used to, then you will be giving life to that.  Negative thoughts cannot simply be shaken off.  They need to be diluted and starved before they turn themselves into negative actions.  I have had to learn to starve the negativity that I had become accustomed to having in my brain and life.  The habits that have been hurting me are being diluted by positive input.  I read great books, listen to great lectures and talks, and I surround myself with incredible people who are focused on the beautiful parts of life.  This is very important and has meant a great deal to my sanity and self-image.