It’s Adventure Time

A deep understanding of the success principles, which have yielded tremendous results throughout history, will be the building blocks to any empire we hope to construct.  These lessons will come from all areas of life and all corners of the globe.  Regardless of whether we ask an athlete such as Michael Jordan, an entertainer like Will Smith, or President Abraham Lincoln, the lessons they would share with us would be surprisingly alike.  This is because success in any endeavor requires the same resilience and determination, along with a vast understanding of dozens of other concepts.

The most important lessons I have learned are not about how to play the interview game.  They are the skills I have gained from diverse opportunities.  These ideas and principles now govern my entire life.  I have learned to fail forward and pick myself up knowing that I am still moving in the right direction.  This is a phenomenal accomplishment in itself.

Michael Jordan said he missed more game winning shots than he ever made, Wayne Gretzky said that he missed more shots on the net than he ever scored, and Thomas Edison failed over ten thousand times while creating the light bulb.  The only comment Edison made when asked why he kept going was that he had simply found ten thousand ways that his invention would not work.  That was vital to his accomplishment.  His mentality allowed each failure to be a success.

In searching for the right job it is vital that we do not allow failures to keep us from succeeding.  If we are turned down by a prospective employer, it is important that we continue to seek the best opportunities and learn from the experiences we’ve had.  Consider asking an interviewer who chose another candidate what you could have done better.  Ask them what they liked about you and what characteristics they would have preferred that you had.  This may be a little embarrassing or nerve-racking, but it will be far more helpful than harmful to your growth and future success.  If you explain to them the reason you are interested in learning their opinion, surely they will be more than happy to explain!  If we approach them with an attitude of disappointment, anger, or criticism we will simply be encouraging them to defend their decision and justify themselves, which will not be beneficial to our overarching purpose.

While speaking with two recruiters who work with employers and people in Bellevue, Washington, I was not surprised to hear their biggest complaints about job seekers were regarding their attitudes.  These women said that job seekers are often short with them and rude to them without ever expressing appreciation for their assistance.  These professional recruiters told me that they will not even entertain the idea of sending one of these people to their clients for interviews.  These job seekers did not understand the fundamental golden rule, which is treating others as you would like to be treated.  It is important to approach all people, especially those helping you, with an attitude of appreciation and humility-the type of humility that allows you to tell another how important their work is and how much it means to you.  These recruiters also told me that their clients, some of the most prestigious companies in the world, understand one thing; a person cannot simply change the amount of experience they have had in a field overnight.  They can, however, control their attitude and the manner in which they treat other people.  These companies also said that they would take positive people skills over qualified experience any day.